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How It Works

Mix and match your own plan

Have it your way

Make and manage your own plan. Decide the Validity, Data, Voice and SMS as you please.

Sell back unused quota

No more wasted quota

Get your unused Data, Voice and SMS sold back in exchange for tapp credit when your plan expires. Available on selected plans, be on the lookout!

Avoid data leakage
(Applicable on Android only)

Gain control over your apps

Monitor, save and gain control over your data usage with App Control. Do more with less, block usage on apps that are not essential to you

"Forget the conventional way of doing things"

"A new prepaid service that's focused on delivering a fully digital experience"


"Digital mobile service tapp allows users to fine tune data"

The Star Online

tapp runs on
Digi's 4G+

What's Coming

We are currently working very hard to provide you these features in the near future!

International roaming

Port-in & Port-out support

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